Google Parallel Tracking

Setting up Parallel Tracking with Tradedoubler.


With parallel tracking users are able to transition between pages quicker which can reduce lost visits. Faster load times can lead to increased conversion rates, and have positive impact on your revenue. With parallel tracking end user is sent directly to the advertisment destination page while click measurement, which usually is a part of a redirection, happens in the background. It's used in Google Search, Shopping, Display and Video campaigns.

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Final URL

To obtain the correct landing page URL, please click through your Tradedoubler affiliate link. Once on the advertiser's landing page, copy the URL from the address bar, ensuring that all necessary additional parameters are present. For example:

Please make sure to delete “tduid” and/or “tdpeh” parameters if present.
Note:By preparing the “Final URL” this way, you ensure that the advertiser recognizes your traffic and correctly attributes the transactions you incentivised. Tradedoubler will not be a part of this redirection and will not ensure those parameters are present on your behalf.

To guarantee correct tracking by Tradedoubler, please set the "Final URL suffix" to: tduid={gclid}_deviceid. Correctly prepared Final URL example:{gclid}_deviceid

Tracking Template

This URL will be called asynchronously, "in the background" remaining invisible to the end user. It is not the user destination! To guarantee correct tracking by Tradedoubler please append two extra parameters to your Tradedoubler tracking link:

Name Value
deviceId {gclid}_deviceid
f 0

Correctly prepared Tracking Template URL examples:{gclid}_deviceid{gclid}_deviceid)

Note:Tradedoubler offers publishers two different formats of query string. When adding extra parameters please keep in mind to be consistent with one of them.